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I got this question from a reader who wanted to know what herbs and ingredients are in the typical herbal pills for breast enhancement (BreastActives or Bountiful Breast).  I had this answer for her :

Hi Michelle.  You asked what herbs and ingredients “it” contains.  I’m assuming you mean any of the all herbal products mentioned on, so I’m going to generally list the ingredients found in the typical herbal breast enhancement product, not listed in any particular order, but just a bulleted list so you can see the natural ingredients that typically are used for the purpose of helping expand the female breast naturally.

These ingredients are also often used in menopause supplements and other hormone balancing supplements for women experiencing issues with hormone control as they contain very estrogenic properties.  In other words, some of them act as natural estrogens in a woman’s body.

Dong Quai,Fennel Seed,Fenugreek,Dandelion Root,Blessed Thistle,Watercress,L-Tyrosine,Kelp,Vitamin E,Mother’s Wort,Black Cohosh,Oat Grass,Hops Flower


Please note, this list may not be all inclusive that are in  breast enhancement tablets.  You’d need to visit the product’s site that your interested (BreastActives,   Bountiful Breast, PerfectWoman, in to fully examine the ingredients and what they do for you.

Take a look here and see what products are recommended.

You can also us BustXtreme breast supplement to enhance your breasts naturally.

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