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Andrea, 32


I did have success with Breast Actives

I’m sure Breast Actives is just what you need. At least it helped me. I was following all the instruction with the pills and cream and had been working out for a few days. I actually got the results that I have been expecting and so in three months I stopped taking the pills and cream. I literally went form a 36B to a 36D. Breast Actives My wife is worried about the size of her breasts even though I keep telling her that they are nice.

So what I did was I gave her Breast Actives as a present on her birthday. After 2 months of taking the pills she went from A to a full A/small B. Maybe it doesn’t work as fast as the website says but it still gives the expected results so we are excited about it. It is definitely worth trying. First of all it’s affordable and it really works.

Alice, 45


I have been using Breast Actives for two months I can see results.

 My breasts got larger and fuller so I’m definitely going to continue. Though I did not grow from A to C in a short period of time like this. I think women who are younger get quicker results. I definitely recommend the product.

Jenny, 25


This product gave me the desired results

Don’t pay much attention to the negative reviews on this product. I’ve been using it for about a month and now my breasts are bigger and firmer. I’ve mentioned that they are sometime tender and that insures me that it’s working.  Also it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling when you rub it in really well. I still have half the bottle and I’m definitely going to continue and better yet I’ll buy some more! Don’t be afraid to try it, it will surely do the trick as it did for me and it’s affordable!!

Pelter, 33


I saw first results within a couple of days

I’ve read the recommendation on the breast enhancement discussion forum and so I began to use the cream in combination with Brestrogen and to be honest it really did work. I discovered that the breast pills and the breast enhancement cream is truly a great combination. Within a couple of days I saw results. My breasts started to look much firmer and perkier.

I’ve tried the Breast Actives breast pills before but I didn’t get the expected results. So what I did was get Brestrogen to use it with Breast Actives twice a day and soon I achieved the great results. As I read the other reviews I figure this is the fastes way to get positive results. Obviously you won’t get a big breast in one night but if you’ll use Breast Actives the right way you’ll definitely see results sooner or later.  I bought but then I regretted the second time I got them! The concentration of the herb is small and it’s a tablet, not a capsule though capsules would be much better.

I realized that I’m not getting any results, only few had success but still it’s mostly only little growth. I did get good results but I was using herb enhancements and not Breast Actives, but you can’t be sure about these things because different people have different reactions to the dosages. I have been using them for quite a while and I started mentioning a little growth. Also make sure you follow the instructions on caffine and alcohol when you take them.

If you want to do a research then try to look for herbs, they will help enhance breast growth. Figure out which mixture is best for you and start taking small dosages and settle back. Sit back and feel the tingles, adjusting if you stop getting after sometime. I know I had a medium B after having a baby a year ago but after and before taking enhancements, off and on. I was a small A about 3 years back. Time, dedication and caution is what will lead you to good results. Just try not to spend $150-$200 for something that might not work. You can spend $30 and get the expected results!


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  1. avatar Reply Jennifer Mar 3, 2015 10:31 am

    I agree that BreastActives pills really works, I’ve baan taking these pills for 4 months and have a good result!

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