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The following question is from a reader who wanted to somehow enhance their cheekbones by applying a breast enlargement cream designed. I thought it would work, but I’m not an expert.

Question: I realize it may sound funny, but I have long been

looking for a way to augment my cheekbones; a natural way other than plastic surgery.  I would be glad to learn if maybe I could use the breast enlargement cream for the cheekbones area and therefore have cheekbones enlarged.  I am waiting to hear from you.

Answer: I am certainly not an expert in this question, but I do not believe you can enlarge cheekbones by applying breast enhancement creams such as  PerfectWoman that are designed exactly from herbs that influence breast tissue, and thus I think they will not provoke growth in any other body area if applied to it. It is a good question though, and I will contact the actual manufacturer about such possibilities.

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  1. avatar Reply Rebecca Mar 3, 2015 11:18 am

    It’s funny question but I’m sure that it won’t help for the cheekbones)

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